Friday, July 16, 2010

PLKN + Handsome Astronaut

1st of all,after all the FIFA fever,here come another type of FEVER for all the Form 5 student this year :D
PLKN - Program Latihan Khidmat Negara

Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) merupakan kursus latihan wajib bagi sesetengah daripada mereka yang baru menamatkan pendidikan sekolah menengah di Malaysia. Ia bertujuan bagi pembinaan sahsiah diri bermatlamatkan membina dan mengukuhkan semangat patriotisme di kalangan generasi muda, memupuk perpaduan kaum serta integrasi nasional dan membentuk perwatakan positif menerusi nilai-nilai murni. Program ini bukanlah bersifat Kerahan Tenaga dan tidak mengikut mana-mana model daripada luar kerana dilaksanakan menurut cara Malaysia.

Pada setiap tahun, 24% daripada remaja yang akan berumur 18 tahun pada tahun latihan mereka dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN ini. Namun mereka yang bermasalah tertentu boleh memohon untuk ditangguhkan atau dikecualikan untuk PLKN ini.

Im sorry its in Bahasa Melayu cause i copy from BM Wikipedia. HEHEHE. I actually wanted to go for PLKN and i dont MIND it at all cause i believe it actually brings me alot of benefits such as :

  • Can meet lots of NEW friend (but i wont forget my old friend of coz)
  • Can get new experience and train myself to be STRONGER
  • Can fulfill my 3 months with GREAT activities!
  • Can stay away from problems for whole 3 months!
SEE! But of coz,there are BADs too :(

  • Bad foods
  • Haunted (My friend told me)
  • Scary trainers
  • Have to wake up EARLY
  • Wash own clothes
  • Bath cold water
  • Marching alotz
HAHA. But im sure its not that bad if i get to go to a GOOD camp :D

: Im not chosen based on the SMS i received! :( And i cant get to enter the PLKN official website. Im sure its flooded. Now i only can pray that the WEB say a TAHNIAH to me! *pray hard*

Another BIG event happen in my school today :) The HANDSOME and GORGEOUS and AWESOME Malaysia's Astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor came to my SCHOOL to give a motivation talk. I actually get to go for that motivation but i give it up since i got no friend to accompany me. Now,i DAMN dang regret. But,times cant go back TT Anyway,we all get to see him from our class and when he came down from the car,my school's students almost get CRAZY. We cheer and claps for him. He is such a adorable thing. He look much better in real life. And he is very humble and friendly :D
My friend who actually shake hands with him said "HE HAS SOFT HAND!" Awww. I miss it! :( Its like a once in a lifetime opportunity ! But get to see him from far is enough to wash my eyes :P Spamming you with his photo! HEHEHEHE.



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